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Machine roomless elevator ECO MRL Gearless

In cases of not machine room existence Exan offers complete traction elevator type ECO MRL Gearless. Operates with a sychronous gearless machine and type of acting 2:1, with result the best possible ride. Ensures smooth stops and exceptional leveling because of encoder used. Offers low power consumption and cabin speed up to 1,60m/sec.

  • No need of machine room. Control panel is enclosed inside a special cabinet placed into the upper floor beside the landing door.
  • Standard automatic emergency operation.
  • Standard manual emergency operation from the control cabinet using push buttons. No need to enter the shaft.
  • Noiseless operation, perfect ride, exceptional leveling using gearless motor with encoder and VVVF technology.
  •  Load up to 750kg with cabin speed 1,60m/sec.
  • Full serial pre-wired electrical installation.
  • Fully complied with EN81.20 regulation.
  • Complete installation manuals.
  • Various choices of cabins, push buttons and  automatic doors from our collection.