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Hydraulic homelift type FamiLIFT

  • FamiLIFT is a platform lift for persons, specially designed to install into private houses or public buildings.
  • Ideal for moving people with impaired mobility, designed according EN81-41.
  • Special design with minimum dimensions requested, can be fitted anywhere within your house like staircases, garage or your living room.
  • Wide range of accessories available like cabins, doors, push buttons, according each project aesthetic.


  • No need of machine room. Power unit and control panel are located inside a special machine cabinet.
  • Power consumption like any household electrical appliance.
  • Smooth and comfortable ride without any vibrations, using 2speed operation.
  • Noiseless operation, using submersible motor - pump group.
  • Perfect for buildings with space limitations. No need of shaft pit, requires a small space.
  • Special safety module for technicians servicing inside the shaft.
  • Standard automatic and manual emergency operation and emergency phone.
  • 3 years full warranty.
  • CE certification according Machine Directive 2006/42/EC and EN81-41.


150kg, 250kg, 400kg


Max 13500mm

Car speed


No of stops

Max 5

Shaft pit

Min 250mm


Min 2450mm

Power supply

230V or 400V

Motor power

1,5kw – 2,2kw – 3,0 kw

No of entrances

Max 3